3 Quickfire SEO Strategies For Triggering Unstoppable Growth In Organic Traffic For 2024

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the Holy Grail of receiving insane organic traffic for any niche, and under no circumstances should any business ignore it.

Especially in 2024, because along with AI and Metaverse, organic search volume is expected to break all records next year, and your business should be prepared to grab this opportunity.

So, enough of analyzing and researching those complex Excel sheets, and Pivot tables, and time to implement some kickass SEO strategies, that are perfectly doable, feasible, and practical, laser-focussed on driving growth for your business in 2024.

How To Ensure Growth In 2024

As per any reputed Digital Marketing Company, the creation and publishing of new content is, ofcourse, the basic necessity for ensuring excellent SEO results for any brand.

But there is a slight problem: Optimizing and generating ROI from new content takes time.

SEO is just like farming: You plant the seeds, nurture them, provide them fertilizers and water, and care and love, and then the outcome is witnessed after a few months.

The process of conceptualizing and creating new content should be consistent, and fully focused, but don’t expect instant results. In simpler terms, the results that you are getting right now are happening due to the efforts your team put in last year.

And the new content that is being generated today, will provide an outcome after 4-10 months.

So, how can we ensure rapid results from SEO, in 2024, which is just a few weeks away now?

The answer is focussing on the existing content, and optimizing them for 2024 and beyond.

And this is the foundation of our SEO strategies, that will empower your business to break the ceiling, and ensure unstoppable growth in 2024, instantly!

SEO Strategy #1: Look Beyond Top 5 Ranking For Re-Optimizing Content

As per several researches, and surveys, it is confirmed that 80% of the content any brand created is seldom read or viewed.

Because 80% of the organic traffic is devoted to the top 5 search terms, for any niche or industry.

This has led to a viewpoint among industry peers, that a business can:

  1. Focus only on the top 5 or top 10 rankings and ignore everything else
  2. Keep on generating new content, that targets those top 5 or 10 keywords for a business

On several levels, this is so wrong!

For 2024, let’s look beyond the top 5 or top 10 keywords, and focus on the keywords ranking between 6 to 15 position, and weave some magic for them.

Via re-optimized content.

For example, check this keyword ranking data.

Focus on the important keywords (based on your industry experience), that are ranked below the top 5 positions, set a keyword density threshold that gives maximum ROI, and optimize the content for these pages.

The outcome can be overwhelming: Now, suddenly, your business will witness an upsurge in ranking for those keywords, that your competitors are ignoring.

Translating to sudden, unexpected growth in organic traffic.

SEO Strategy #2: Crush Keyword Cannibalization By Re-Focusing Content

Keyword cannibalization in SEO refers to a situation where multiple pages on a website are competing against each other for the same set of keywords.

It occurs when several pages are optimized for the same or very similar keywords, causing confusion for search engines and potentially diluting the overall SEO effectiveness of the website.

It reduces the sheen from your SEO results, forcing the webpages to compete with one another, and thereby eroding the ROI of your SEO efforts.

Let’s stop this, in 2024, and empower the web pages to stand on their own, for their dedicated set of keywords.

Let’s check this example:

The top keyword in green is ranking fine, for its web page.

But the keywords below, in yellow, are ranking for the same webpages (4 keywords, 2 webpages), and this is trouble indeed.

The home page is getting ranked for both branded and non-branded keywords, and this means that the keywords are getting cannibalized, and the overall SEO outcomes are being reduced.

How to rectify this?

  1. Give your homepage a makeover, and let it shine with branded terms.
  2. Spruce up and re-optimize your landing pages, aligning them with the right non-branded terms.
    Toss in a canonical link for that extra finesse.
  3. Freshen up your internal link game, and keep that exact match anchor text sharp (without the whole 2005 SEO vibe).
  4. Seal the deal with some top-notch, on-point, exact-match anchor variation links – editorially sourced, of course.

This strategy will definitely help your brand to generate new sources of organic traffic, by releasing the keywords from multiple pages, and instead, focusing on their dedicated web pages.

SEO Strategy #3: Push Up Old Keywords From the Last 24 Months With Content Optimization

SEO world is dynamic, and priorities change for the users.

We admit that.

But we can go back to history, dig up the top keywords and search terms that dominated our landscape then, but have been forgotten now, and push them up with optimized content.

Why we should do this in 2024?

Because these are heavyweight keywords, and your website was already ranking for them earlier.

If we are able to rejuvenate these keywords now, then they will attract a new audience, help other related long-term keywords, and overall, trigger more organic traffic, without any major investment.

For example, check this:

Filter out such top-rated keywords from the last 24 months, filter out the ones with low keyword difficulty, but high traffic volume, and spice them up with fresh content, with a new perspective and new angle.

Since they were already ranking, these keywords can now rank faster, and enable unstoppable growth for your business.

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